Tuesday, June 8, 2010

draft bridge and offices

Merkel's office is to the left and Keller's office is to the left.
I wonder if the shape and positions of the offices convey the idea that:
Merkel is at a higher position due to her absolute political power, but Merkel's power is easier to fall, whereas Keller's 'soft' power is less fallible.


  1. Hi Xin,

    Do you mean Merkel's is on the right?

    It's a good start, but I was expecting more and finer threads holding the offices (these thick cabels look secure even individually). Also, this view doesn't convey the heights you're talking about. But yes, Keller's definitely looks more firmly 'caught'. It's a good idea, so push it to its extreme...you can have some pretty spectacular final captures with shadows and some nice winter light.

  2. that's awesome~!!

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    (you can just place numbers in a list n I'll fill in the review sheet in photoshop)