Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Helen Keller always seemed to be standing before the world as an example of unquenchable will.
Helen Keller
weighed into the body image debate by admitting to concerns over her own body. "Nobody is perfect, I have my good parts but I also have those parts I need to work on, but that's between me and my personal trainer." Her life thereafter, as a girl and as a woman, became a triumph over crushing adversity and shattering affliction. In time, Miss Keller learned to circumvent her blindness, deafness and muteness; she could "see" and "hear" with exceptional acuity. The dowdy image that supporters feared would stymie her progress to the top is long forgotten. Partly that is because she spruced up her appearance, wearing bright colours and sporting more stylish hairstyles - but largely it is because few people think it matters. Many thought the debate would break apart, but Mrs Merkel managed to hold it together, and in fact take the credit for Germany's emergence from recession.
"I think the important thing is that all women are happy and confident with what they have got and don't feel pushed to being a certain way. I seldom think about my limitations, and they never make me sad. Perhaps there is just a touch of yearning at times, but it is vague, like a breeze among flowers. The wind passes, and the flowers are content. All women, regardless of their shape and size, had to feel confident within themselves."
With the years, the skepticism, once overt, dwindled as her stature as a heroic woman increased.and she was so serene yet so determined in her advocacy of beneficent causes that she became a great legend.

Mrs Merkel makes men go weak at the knees, over the past four years she has had to steer Germany through some difficult times, but remains very popular. But the bikini babe Miranda Kerr does not need to rely on charisma to win over voters, because she is a pragmatic politician who inspires. "German voters aren't stupid - they don't want a Britney Spears as the chancellor of Germany, they want a serious leader whom they can trust. Kerr knows what she's doing."
Many who observed her--and to some she was boring and provincial,-Yet no substantial proof was ever adduced that Miss Keller was anything less than she appeared--a person whose character impelled her to perform the seemingly impossible. But if her role suggests a ruthless streak, she is known more for her pragmatism and ability to compromise.

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